All members are expected to abide to our rules and regulations. By registering, you agree to adhere to these rules.

It is member’s responsibility to ensure:

  • Register only one account per user.
  • Choose a username and profile picture that is inoffensive.
  • Does not share anything designed to interfere and disrupt the website, such as virus, macros or scripts.

When you share your content with us, for example a deal’s description or photograph, you grand us royalty free license to publish the material in any way we want. This may include sharing on social media.

Do not post anything that infringes copyright or prohibited content. Prohibited content such as legal, pornographic, disrespectful to other people of their views or beliefs, impersonates someone, ate speech or intentionally targets individuals or group of people.


Users are expected to work with the community. As such, the following behaviour may lead to suspension or ban:

  • Trying to interfere with site’s usability.
  • Voting in an unfair manner.
  • Creating multiple accounts.

Enforcement and Communication

We encourage all users to report any content or behaviour which should be reviewed.

If you are your content is reported, a moderator may contact you to advise you that your content has breached terms. Further your content may be edited or removed.

As a user, you are responsible for your posts. If you choose to delete your user account, please use the contact form. Upon deletion, your username, subscriptions and email address will be deleted.

We advise members not to use real name as their username. Usernames cannot be changed.

These rules and regulations can be changed or updated at any time, please check them regularly. By continuing to use you agree to adhere to these.